AAP – The Conspiracy

These days a lot of airtime is being given to AAP being an anti-Modi conspiracy of Congress. The frenzied trolls of BJP are littering timelines with videos and articles spinning this theory from every nook and cranny of our virtual-walls. They’re also busy decrying how AAP is not delivering on its promises.

Now I distrust every party equally. But I find this overreaction a needless bullying by a party that knows little else. So here’s my two cents against Modi-fanboys in general and this article in specific.

  1. AAP related conspiracy theories seem to be stemming from a fear of a potential BJP defeat in 2014 polls. AAP is the first serious contender to BJP in 2014. Why are Modi-fanboys so scared of a little bit of competition? Isn’t democracy improved a little if our voters have two good options to choose from?
  2. AAP appeals to middle-class and youth. Apparently, mainstay of BJP-votes. But AAP also positions itself as a minority-appeasing party. So that should eat in to Congress votes as well, isn’t it? Did you see that being mentioned anywhere my dear Modi-trolls? AAP is a cleaner and non-communal option than both BJP and Congress. It will hurt both parties. So AAP doesn’t ensure a Congress victory or even a relative improvement in Congress votes.
  3. This article in particular accepts that hate-based MNS strategy brought votes and popularity for Raj Thackery. Do you also accept that this was the reason for Modi’s 2002 win in Gujarat election? If Congress knowingly let MNS have a field day, is there a chance someone did the same calculations in 2002?? If there’s such a chance, should we let that guy become a PM?
  4. It is good that you’re all so up in the arms about evaluating performance of AAP’s Delhi government. Hopefully, you’ll treat your own MPs and local governments with the same scrutiny. However I do hope you will use that uncommon trait called common sense and allow the government sufficient time before you write them off.

So by all means, criticize AAP. Give voice to opinions not carried by media. But also be honest to yourself and ask the same tough questions about your favorite favorite leader and his party.


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8 Responses to AAP – The Conspiracy

  1. Deep says:

    NaMo fan boys are are like Siths (StarWars reference) … they deal in absolute.. u r either with Modi or against him .. and tat’s it
    Points in the article are very very obvious and considering how aware and involved (at least on FB) we are these days in political discussions, anyone can figure out the bull that is the conspiracy theory … but extremists don’t go by logic or reason.. they jst believe

    • bforbihag says:

      Much appreciated, the star wars reference is! 😛

      Ridiculous thing is that these same people oppose sycophancy in Congress and they themselves are the worst of the sycophants.

  2. Varun says:

    Well written Bihag; just that the political parties find it difficult to engage in positive, constructive politics and are always busy in pulling each other down

  3. Vikram Balan says:

    Unfortunately these days and specifically on social media, people are quick to label one another as pro-Modi or pro-AAP or pro-Congress (if at all there are any of those 3rd category left! :)) Discussions on policies and implementation have taken a dangerous backseat. Sad part is I doubt any of these required discussions will happen publicly until the polls, by any of the contestants.

  4. Harshal says:

    Even if we are to believe that AAP is not a conspiracy theory, it will do quite a decent damage to the nation in favor of corrupt clan of congress. How? Think about a scenario – highly likely that in 2014, BJP will emerge as single party with highest number of seats. How many? God knows. Quite more than last election due to NaMo factor but, considerably less than what was expected pre-AAP era. Now as we now Mr. Kejriwal is adamant fellow who can’t really afford to be seen supporting neither Congress nor BJP, there will be two likely scenarios 1) BJP will have to get in to support of few major regional parties like AIADMK or SP or BSP or TMC etc. That means they will likely loose lot of negotiation power on important issues resulting in to much less efficient government that Modi can run compared to his capability in case of clear majority or good position. 2) Second and most disastrous scenario would be that Third Front will form the government. As we know that would be the most corrupt KHICHDI SARKAR we can imagine. Highly unlikely but may be a third option that can emerge is Kejriwal will end up supporting Rahulbaba as a Thank You for supporting his government in Delhi and power brokers of Congress with their vast pool of cash will manage to get support of JDU, BSP, JMM, DMK and likes to form the center government. Irrespective of PM from any part in that case, the government will be a disaster any way.

    So even if Arvind Kejriwal & Co. at APP are good and bringing good politics to India and, they are bringing some level of accountability by setting higher standards for other parties, in the end, they can end up doing more damage to the nation in 10 year horizon then help.

    • bforbihag says:

      You are coming in with the assumption that Modi is the messiah and savior of India, which is an alright view to have. But I do not share it. I think any non-Modi combination will be less disastrous except for Congress Majority.

      There is no way, none at all, for BJP to get to 272+ on their own. They will need to take support from NDA partners plus other parties. People like Modi are better when they’re reined in by a coalition.

  5. Mukul says:

    You can not compare Gods and Humans. As claimed by self-proclaimed God of Small Things (read : Aam Admi), he is different. So, God needs to differentiate himself. So, comparison between a God (AK) and a Human who has raised himself to that level (NM) is not fair. NM can be allowed all humanly flaws.

    AK needs to answer this which is much fresher issue. Doling out subsidies to Tatas and Ambanis should have taken time. Taking action on a 3yr old self-prepared charge-sheet could have been dealt with 0-delay by the God. How does this self proclaimed God then defend himself and say he is not a Hypocrite No. 1. He needs to take action against Sheila & Co immediately or leave the Indian Politics to lesser hypocrites and lesser humans with all flaws.

    • bforbihag says:

      Cool down buddy! Or you’re going to burst a nerve or something! It’s alright!

      So you don’t have anything concrete in support of Modi’s rule of first 1-2 weeks. It is to be expected in any sensible scenario.

      Classic misdirection through God and man analogy! Well done!

      I do agree. AK needs to go cracking on Sheila-ji and anyone responsible for corruption and falling under AK’s jurisdiction. My point still remains- let’s not start judging before giving him a realistic timeline to perform. He did promise extra-ordinary timelines. But we all knew that cannot be done. Let’s see if he can do the things that can be done.

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