Cover the Shame

My outrage today is about the draconian ideas and ideology of Mr. Virupaksha Dasa. The most horrifying part is that this is the thought process some / many of our law-keepers and law-makers also subscribe to.

The issue in question is whether provocative (by Mr. Virupaksha Dasa’s definition) dressing by women is the main cause behind rapes. What one will find infinitely more shocking to note is that while Mr. Virupaksha Dasa is able to find tons of quotes regarding how women should behave and dress, he doesn’t have a single quote to condemn rapes nor does he use a very strong language against it. By his convoluted logic, he holds victims guiltier than culprits – that too for such a heinous crime.

Granted Mr. V Dasa, the women do want to look good, beautiful or even sexy. They will have their reasons for it ranging from “to be desirable to men” to “want to feel good”. Either way, it is none of mine or more importantly your business to tell them how they should dress. As a civilized society, one would expect that all members would be granted adequate safety and autonomy to make their decisions on such simple matters as an evening dress.

I have twofold problem with the approach that Mr. V Dasa and those of his ilk take.

1)     You have no, I repeat, NO right to tell anyone how they should dress. Not women, not Sikhs, not Muslims (Dear developed world, I am looking at you there!)

2)     Do you have any evidence whatsoever to say that women are raped more in places where they dress more provocatively? Evidence is something that religious people wouldn’t understand but here we are talking about real world’s real problems: and to solve those, you will need to try out this new thing called logical thinking. Here we need evidence and causality before we reach a conclusion.

Here’s a list of major causes of sexual crimes including rape. Please find for me where is Provocative dressing listed. Show me at least one survey or finding that forms the basis for your rhetoric.

Even if women want to look desirable, it doesn’t mean they have to give up the right to choose partners or how much are they willing to let an encounter progress. Forget provocative dressing, even heavy flirting is not an invitation for rape. Law includes any non-consensual sex (even within the wedlock) as a rape. This will be very difficult for Mr. V Dasa to understand because Manu wouldn’t say any such thing and all Mr. V Dasa follows is what Srila Prabhupada says which is derivative of what Manu and other ancients have said.

Even the assumption that women need men’s protection also is chauvinism behind the thick veil of chivalry. I would be greatly worried about what we have achieved as a civilization if males are condoned for turning into rabid frothing animals at the sight of more than “allowed” skin-show and women are considered responsible for ensuing rape and violence.

From here, it’s a short step to stoning of raped women, women not being allowed to drive (because if women go out, obviously they’re having a tryst with other men) and women not being allowed to handle bananas or cucumbers (because somehow these Mullahs know the answer to eternal question ‘what women want??).

Sex and Rape, Mr. Dasa needs to understand, are two very different acts. While you might not understand this difference, let me clarify it here – sex is an act of passion and intimacy whereas rape is an act of hate, anger and perversion.

All the more worrying part over here is that there are people even among law-keepers who think that women are at least partially to blame for rapes. This mentality coupled with rampant growth of sexual crime and lack of guilt or shame among the culprits creates a dangerous situation.

India, it seems, is no country for young women!


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5 Responses to Cover the Shame

  1. Shrutz says:

    Buttah, you utterly enlightened young man!

  2. b says:

    wow…good article..
    try telling times jurnos….dadhi…
    pehchan kon?

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